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The Daphne Olga Clarke Foundation is a public non-profit company, with 100% of donations going directly to those in need. The Foundation is governed by Divine Ghawdess Naturals. There are never any administration, management or operating costs taken from your donation.

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Our Foundation |Daphne Olga Clarke Foundation

Divine Ghawdess Naturals announced the establishment of the Daphne Olga Clarke Foundation on the 9th December 2020.

This initiative was sparked by public patrons over the last 2+ years constantly visiting the shop location and reaching out for assistance for various items. We have encountered fire victims, homeless persons, unemployed persons, person with communicable diseases, children in need of school supplies or groceries, each time we assist however we can. Unfortunately, sometimes we were unable to honor some of the requests due to the large scale of need and financial restraints. We decided at this point to reach out for public assistance for various donations.

Daphne Olga Clarke: Who she was?

Our name was derived from a phenomenal woman ” Daphne Olga Clarke”, who is grandmother of the founder. Daphne was an independent woman who changed lives with her hands. She was a jack of all trades, a housewife, a local farmer who retailed her produce to the BMC, a hawker, a sugar cane reaper, a seamstress for her children.

Daphne was the mother of 7 children. Although her plate was full she never had too little to share from her garden. Unfortunately Daphne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1981, she received surgical treatment to remove the tumor in 1982. During this time she still rendered her services to anyone in need. She would often say ” Charity begins at home and end abroad”.

Months after surgery Daphne returned to work in the cane ground, she later succumbed to the complications related to the disease. Daphne was a phenomenal woman!

With the same persistence we wish to carry on the honor and tradition of Daphne Olga Clarke by lending assistance to persons in need, persons suffering from communicable diseases, the homeless and those generally in need.

We cannot do it alone! Our Charity needs your help.

Daphne Olga Clarke Foundation Helping Hands

We want to assist our extended family as much as we can. This is made possible through your donations.

We accepted the following donations:
Clothing, Food, Toys, Books & Monetary.

P.S. – All toys or clothing items must be in new/new like condition.

Divine Ghawdess Naturals is the local manufacturer of organic skin care cosmetic and honors the donations of such to our extended families.

Donations to the Daphne Olga Clarke Foundation:

Please Email: charity@divineghawdessnaturals.com

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