Episode 169 Vegan Family Doctor Scott Harrington — Corinne Nijjer

Episode 169 Vegan Family Doctor Scott Harrington — Corinne Nijjer

Meet Dr. Scott Harrington, DO

Vegan Primary Care is the creation of Dr. Scott Harrington DO. He is a board-certified Family Medicine physician with over 17 years of experience. He started his career using standard methods. Then he personally adopted a plant-based diet in 2012. Since then, his energy levels, exercise endurance and recovery time dramatically improved. His weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels all normalised. This convinced Dr. Harrington to focus on teaching patients what he learned. The plant-based diet had impressive effects with his patients. Many patients suffering with chronic illnesses improved dramatically. Many patients were able to stop all their medications.

More from Doctor Harrington:

  • If you’re wanting to work with Dr Harrington, head to: www.veganprimarycare.com and you can book an appointment with him for coaching. He can provide primary care for patients in most US states, and coaching advice internationally. No need to wait in traffic to see the doctor — simply sign up online and see the doctor in the comfort of your own home through a telemedicine visit. Get a doctor who gets you at Vegan Primary Care.

  • You can also FOLLOW Dr Harrington on Facebook here.

Thanks Scott for coming on the show and thank you all so much for tuning in, liking, sharing and supporting this podcast however you do. I truly appreciate it.

Big Love to you all,

Corinne xx


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