Blog Evolution

The intention behind the creation of my first blog ( was self promotion as a Private Chef and artist. I had begun to follow the path of self healing through the study of the Gerson Therapy but I wasn’t really clear what direction I was headed or what I really wanted to say. I experimented with postings about raw cuisine and healthful living, my art and craft interests, and some personal growth along the way.

I receive so many questions concerning healthful food choices and self healing lifestyle changes that I felt I would separate my “self healing cuisine” passion and dedicate a blog to link interest with answers. Self Healing Cuisine will be designed to assist you on your path to healthful living and peace as we take responsibility for our health through research and sharing information. Sift through the postings and feel free to add your knowledge through the comments section.

This blog will be dedicated to helpful information concerning food as medicine through postings, links and book revues. Self Healing Cuisine starts with the soil incorporating environmental elements, water, air and more… so, expect content that is holistic and evolutionary!


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