A Bible Study on Health and Wellness

A Bible Study on Health and Wellness

A Wellness Program about Whole Person Health and the Christian Faith. Spirit, Mind, Body Health. Bible-based.


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Dale Fletcher, M.S.

Dale Fletcher, M.S.
Founder, Faith and Health Connection

Thanks for your interest in PathWay 2 WholenessSM. This newly formatted program has been a labor of love over the last 10 years.

Pathway 2 Wholeness is much more than a Bible Study, it’s a unique whole-person health wellness program. It addresses topics of physical, mental, emotional, and relational health, but the focus is on spiritual health and the care of your spirit. That’s because God created you as a spiritual being that lives in a body, and for your body to be really well, to truly have good physical health, your soul and spirit must be well.


“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Jesus in John 14:6

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

Program Details

  • PATHWAY 2 WHOLENESS ICON RGB 150X150The Need for the Program: Most people don’t understand how significantly the condition of their spirit and soul affect their health-related behaviors and physical health. Chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle-related illnesses can often be linked to unhealthy relationships – with God, self and others – or a wounded and hurting heart. Many people are not able to fully fulfill their life purpose because their health impedes them. This program will help you ‘connect the dots’ between mind, body and spirit health… and so much more.
  • Purpose of the Program: To contribute to the spiritual transformation and improved whole person health and wellness of participants, to the glory of God and for the advancement of his Kingdom. This will stem from the application of biblical and medical principles that enable participants to experience a deeper relationship with God, a biblically healthy relationship with themselves and more forgiving and loving relationships with others.
  • Goals: As a participant in this program you will…
    • Become aware of the undeniable connection between stress, relationship issues and health, and the benefits you’ll gain by making healthier choices in these areas.
    • Desire to make changes to enhance your relationships with God, your self and others and to better care for your health.
    • Embrace Biblical and medically-sound knowledge on how to live in a right relationship with God, a healthy relationship with your self and loving relationships with others. Knowledge on how to develop healthier beliefs, attitudes and habits will also be addressed. You will review and apply to your own life 40 key biblical principles related to God’s commandment to love Him, your self and others and understand how these principles may affect your health.
    • Reflect on the condition of your inner heart and learn how it affects your emotional and physical health. You will also have an opportunity to experience inner healing if it is warranted.
    • Demonstrate the ability to make the desired changes noted in your personal growth plan through the application and practice of biblical and medical principles.
    • Receive encouragement from your facilitator and be encouraged to share your experience with others as reinforcement of the changed habits and positive impacts resulting from the study.
  • Presenter: Dale Fletcher, M.S., Executive Director of this ministry.
  • Date and Time: Recorded. Self-paced.
  • Length: There are 10 sessions that are each 2 hours in length. You are encouraged to set aside a 2 hour block of time each week to listen to the recordings. On average, the study also requires an additional 1-2 hours weekly of reading and preparation. Spirit mind body health Bible Study

    Click on the image above to see the Weekly Schedule and Program Objectives.

  • Format:  Sessions of a recent live program delivered over Zoom were recorded. These 10 videos can be viewed on a self-paced basis.  The weekly sessions are a combination of lecture using PowerPoint, small group discussions and interactive learning activities. Also recorded were the rich discussions among the participants and the instructor. Weekly readings from a textbook, the Bible & supplemental material will require an additional 1-2 hour. The spiral-bound Participant Guide contains assignments, readings and key Powerpoint slides.
  • Weekly Schedule & Topics: See this Objectives and Schedule document.
  • Materials and Costs: The program cost, shipped within the United States, is $77.00. This includes access to 10 video recordings of each weekly 2-hour session, a printed spiral-bound Participant Guide and the textbook, God Medicine and Miracles, by Dan Fountain, MD. Shipping is included in the cost.
  • NOTE: Do you reside outside the United States? BEFORE PURCHASING, please contact me through the Contact Page to make arrangements to pay an additional shipping fee.

“PathWay 2 Wholeness”

Biblical. Life Changing. Self-Paced.

Cost for US Residents – $77.00

(Non US Residents, please see the Note above.)

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