Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration

Why Earn a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Degree?

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University prepares graduates for managing health-related organizations. This means that students learn how to work strategically within contemporary healthcare organizations.

A healthcare administration graduate is ready to lead healthcare teams. The skills developed in the bachelor’s in healthcare administration degree include the ability to:

  • Manage projects
  • Lead multiple departments
  • Work with teams of employees across the organization
  • Understand the inner workings of healthcare organizations
  • Make decisions related to running healthcare organizations

Graduates with a BS in Healthcare Administration degree from GCU focus on five main domains during their course of study.

  1. Communication and Relationship Management
    Students learn to effectively communication as leaders and build relationships among the workforce. Crisis management, information communication, and dispute resolution skills are also highlighted.
  2. Leadership and Professionalism
    Graduates learn to lead based on organizational dynamics and with the goal of instituting positive change. Ethical challenges, including those related to societal, multicultural and legal issues are highlighted.
  3. Healthcare Environment and Business Acumen
    Business practices and global healthcare trends are a focus so that students understand how to run health-related services.
  4. Financial Management, Information Technology and Risk Management
    Students understand accounting and budgeting principles, as well as those that govern confidentiality and file management within the healthcare realm.
  5. Organizational Dynamics and Human Resources
    Graduates learn about human resources concepts and employee organizational behavior to effectively manage a healthcare workplace.

Examine Healthcare Strategies and Structures

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from GCU is a degree program that includes learning about the ins and outs of modern-day health care organizations. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, and this degree program ensures that graduates understand that.

Students in the program get a chance to focus on high-level theoretical concepts that impact all healthcare workplaces. In addition, they zero in on specific job skills needed to effectively run a healthcare organization.

The healthcare administration bachelor’s degree at GCU allows students to study:

  • The structures of various healthcare organizations in order to understand organizational dynamics and strategies.
  • The forces that shape healthcare systems, including public, private, and social influences.
  • How financial issues play a role in healthcare administration, including how third-party payers factor into the system.
  • Ways to navigate working within and between many healthcare sectors so that patients and employees are still the priority.

Prepare for Entry into Healthcare Management with a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration Degree

Graduates from the healthcare administration bachelor’s degree program at GCU are ready to step into the healthcare workplace. They may find entry to mid-level positions, including supervisory roles.

They may find work in a variety of locations, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Outpatient facilities
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Mental health organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies

If you are interested in learning how to lead in healthcare-related workplaces, a degree in health care administration may be the right path for you. Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration degree at GCU.


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