Clays For Natural Hair Growth

Clays For Natural Hair Growth

Clays have been used for centuries to clean, detox and clarify hair. But there are so many clays for natural hair out there. This post will tell you which clay to use, how to use it and why to use it for healthy hair growth.

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Clays are very small particules. So a large amount of them can be compacted in a small block .

They are able to swell and absorb a lot of water.

There are 4 different groups of clays :

  • Kaolinite
  • Chlorite
  • Smectite
  • Illite

Clays are found all over the world in soil and rocks. Depending on the country, a same clay might look different.

Before let me explain you 2 terms: absorption and adsorption

Adsorption is when something stays at the surface of another thing. For instance oil get adsorbed on the surface of the hair. Meaning that oil stays on top of the hair and does not penetrate the hair shaft.

Absorption is when things get inside another thing. For instance water get absorbed in the hair shaft. In other words, water gets inside the hair shaft. that’s why the hair swells.

Clay has positive charges on his large surface and negative charges on his small surface. And water is dipolar, which means it has both charges.

So when you mix water and clay, the water molecules will adsorb to each surface of the clay. The positive side of water will adsorb on the negative small surface of the clay. And the negative side of water will stick on the positive large surface of the clay. This is the science of electro statique. So it forms a powerful element with positive and negative charges perimeters.

The water in fact helps the clay releases his power which is a magnetic paste.

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On hair, water and clay paste is powerful enough and work in different ways :

  • Ion exchange which helps removing toxins
  • Absorption which helps removing dirt, oils, build up
  • Mineral contain which is beneficial for hair

In other words, 3 ways clays clean hair

  • Antibacterial : Destroy bacteria
  • Detox : remove toxins
  • Clarify : Remove oil, dirt and buildup from scalp and hair by adsorption.

Bentonite Clay

it is made from volcanic ash and smectite group.

Bentonite clay has a highest cationic ion exchange and lowest anionic exchange. So bentonite clay is very great at removing positive charges toxins and bad at removing negative charges toxins.

Also bentonite clay is very powerful at absorbing. In other words it will absorb very well everything the hair doesn’t need like impurities, dirt and extra oils. But it contain less variety of minerals necessary for hair.

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Rhassoul clay

It calls moroccan clay or ghassoul clay.

It’s has a high cationic ion exchange and very low anionic ion exchange. So like bentonite clay it is bad at removing negative charges, and good at removing positive charges. It comes at the 2nd position after bentonite clay at removing positive charges toxins.

Rhassoul clay doesn’t absorb very well like bentonite clay. It has a medium power absorption property.

But rhassoul clay contain a lot of variety minerals our hair needs. It comes at the first position here. It is the clay that contains a lot of minerals than others.


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French white clay

This clay comes from France.

It has a very low ability to remove positive charged toxins. But highest ability to remove negative charged toxins. French white clay is number one from other clays at removing negative charged toxins from hair and scalp.

French white clay has a low ability absorption rate. So it won’t absorb very well bad things from hair. In the other hand, it contains less variety of minerals for hair.


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Fuller’s earth clay

It’s a sedimentary clay very similar to bentonite clay. So all the good properties bentonite clay has, it has those as well.

Fuller’s earth clay contain some bentonite clay and has a great absorbing property better than bentonite clay. So it can absorb oils, impurities, dirt, toxins better than bentonite clay.

This clay is known for his absorption ability. It does contain less variety of minerals good for hair. But It is very high in magnesium which is great.


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Bentonite clay benefits for hair

It will clean, removes toxins and impurities from hair and scalp. In addition because of his high absorption ability, it will smooth the hair and define curls.

Is Bentonite clay a deep treatment ? Yes it can be use as one. But if you need a powerful hair mask treatment, mix it with other clays especially rhassoul clay.

Does Bentonite clay clarify hair? I can say not totally. because it does not remove the negative toxins. To have a great clarifying product, mix bentonite with other clays especially French white clay and fuller’s earth clay.

Rhassoul clay benefits on hair

This clay will remove toxins and build up from hair. But because it contains a variety of minerals, it softens and moisturizes hair.

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French white clay benefit on hair

It removes dead skin, cleanses hair follicles, boosts hair growth and balance the ph of hair.

Fuller’s earth clay on hair

This clay is very similar to bentonite clay, but has just a higher absorption than bentonite.

So il will clean scalp, wash away excess of dirt, build up and oil, eradicate dandruff, condition and nourish hair.

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Mixing all 4 clays will be much more beneficial on the hair than using only one of them. Each clay cleanses differently and has different benefits.

It will give everything the hair needs and it won’t dry out the hair.

Most of shampoos dry out hair and it leads to damaged and frizzy hair.

The clay can be used as a cleansing, curler and conditioning agent.

If you need a natural alternative to shampoo, clay is the solution.

  •  Mix clay with water or apple cider vinegar and make it a paste
  • Apply on wet hair from scalp to hair. Then let it sit for 30 min.
  • Then wet a little the hair, massage very well the scalp for about 2 to 3 minutes, and rinse very well.
  • Follow with a hair mask treatment.

Faster way

  • Mix water/apple cider vinegar with clay and make a liquid consistency.
  • Apply to wet hair and scalp.
  • Massage very well until scalp is cleaned.
  • Rinse and follow up with a conditioner or deep treatment.

Regular shampoo may be drying. so when you feel your hair is getting dry, use clay

If your curls start acting on you, use clay.

Do you have a scalp issue? use clay

It’s great especially for low porosity hair. It helps on opening follicles for better products penetration.

Try to use clay in conjunction with other cleansers. If this week you use your cowash or shampoo, next week use clay for instance.

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Which one is better? Personally I like my mixture with water. But I really recommend to try and see which one works best on your hair.

First make a paste with apple cider vinegar (2 spoons ) and water. Apply on your scalp and hair and see the result.

Another week, do the mixture with water only. Apply on scalp and hair and observe the result.

After see what work best for you . Look at these to do your comparison :

  • Smoothness
  • Cleanliness
  • Softness
  • Curl definition

Once a week if you wash your hair weekly.

Can I use clay on my hair every day? NO NO NO

Consider your shampoo clay as a regular shampoo. Do not overuse it.

If you wash your hair 3 times per week, only use the clay once. If you wash your hair once a month, use it once a month.

The clay wash works on every type of hair: curly hair, textured hair, kinky hair, 4c hair, fine hair, low density hair, all hair type.

I do not advise to use it on children hair ( 0 – 2 years). Always check with your doctor before using it on children.

If you have locks or dreadlocks, it can be hard to remove the clay from your hair and scalp. So I do not recommend it.

Bentonite clay like we talked earlier is good on removing positive charged toxins. Understand there is 2 types of toxins on scalp and hair : positive and negative charged toxins.

So with bentonite clay, you will remove only the positive charge. That’s why you need the french clay to remove the negative charged toxins. And you need rhassoul clay to give to your hair the minerals necessary for growth, and health. And finally you need fuller’s earth clay to remove what bentonite clay can’t. Because of his powerful absorption ability.

Each clay is unique and powerful. So blending different clay will help on stimulate and encourage hair growth. One clay is just not enough for it.

Clays are great for skin and hair. our shampoos are crafted with the above mentioned clays and will make your hair healthier, soft and smooth. They will help your hair retain more moisture and stimulate growth.

From now, stop using bentonite clay alone and purchase the oshun 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo .

Another great option is our 2 in 1 Conditioning shampoo bars


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